I am a 28-year-old left-wing politician from Oulu, Finland. I graduated from the University of Oulu with a master’s degree in history and a minor in administrative sciences. I am currently a member of the Finnish parliament and member of the Oulu City Council. I am also a leading figure in my party the Left Alliance, as I am first vice-chairperson of the party.  Previously worked as a cashier and held positions in different non-governmental organizations.

I have been involved in politics since 2009. After my first parliamentary election in 2011, I received enough votes to become a deputy member.I got elected to parliament in 2015 and got 9582 votes in electoral distict of Oulu region. That is second most in our district after Juha Sipilä, who became prime minister after the election.

Ideologically I represent the green left. Through my politics I aspire to promote social and economic equality and solidarity. My goal is to bridge the gap in income levels and wealth distribution, and to support the development of a society in which no one is left behind or discriminated against. This development must take to count the Earth’s limited resources; quality of life cannot be sustained if the Earth is permanently damaged.

Finland, along with Europe and the rest of the world, is facing a number of challenges and going through major changes. The challenges specific to Finland are the aging population, unemployment, structural changes in economy and production, global warming and the growth of inequality. These issues are real, but they cannot be used to justify cuts in welfare budgets, nor are they a reason to grant new privileges to the rich or to tear down social safety nets. We need to rebuild the structures of the Finnish welfare state without destroying it. We need to build a welfare state 2.0 which is able to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

The Nordic welfare model is the most competitive and functional social model in the world. It is worth holding on to.


+ basic income
+ progressive taxation
+ workers’ rights
+ work safety
+ improving the position of small business owners
+ minority rights
+ feminism; gender equality
+ same-sex marriage and LGBTIQ rights
+ a school system with equal opportunities and no tuition fees
+ comprehensive schools which promote equality and the quality of education
+ the quality of public services
+ public transportation
+ renewable energy sources
+ recycling
+ speaking out for Northern Finland


– racism
– greed
– large income gaps
– repression of the poor
– tax evasion
– cuts in the welfare budget
– privatization of public services
– poor working conditions
– growing inequality in the school system
– homelessness
– pollution
– NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)